My iPhone Apps

After spending way too much time last night going through the App Store, I finally went to bed. But not before I took some screenshots of everything installed on my iPhone. (That’s another cool feature of iPhone 2.0: screenshots. To take one, hold down the round button on the front, and then press the power button. The screen will flash white, and then the image shows up in your photos. Very nice.)

I will most likely uninstall at least a few of the apps, as they either aren’t that great, or they require registration at some website that I’m not sure about. Anyway, have a look.

iPhone Launcher Page 1iPhone Launcher Page 2
iPhone Launcher Page 3iPhone Launcher Page 4


You can click on each one to see a larger version. I still can’t install apps from within iTunes, though. All of those apps I installed from the iPhone itself. The standout apps, so far, include
  • Mobile Flickr
  • Box Office
  • Twitterific (though I wish it had separate tabs for replies and direct messages)
  • Facebook
  • Band
  • PhoneSaber (Thomas especially likes this one)