I Paid My $99 To Apple

As I said yesterday, I finally got my acceptance letter from Apple that essentially allows me to pay them $99 in order to develop iPhone software. I have just now paid the $99, so now it’s just a matter of waiting for the license or whatever it is that they will send out. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as it did for the acceptance letter.

As I write this, I am downloading the iPhone SDK. I played around with the first beta Apple released, but I haven’t really done anything with it since then. That was before they got Interface Builder going, so it should be a lot better now than it was then. I’m looking forward to getting started; now I just need to think of something that needs writing.

07/13/2008 00:37 Update: About 20 minutes after posting this, my Activation Code email arrived from Apple. Fun times ahead.

5 thoughts on “I Paid My $99 To Apple

  1. Lucky, now what nearly 7 hours later I still don’t have anything other than a order receipt. I hoped it would be here for the few hours freedom I have this morning.

  2. heh 14 hours later and still nothing. Guess will need to wait for Monday.

    Given you where unsure what made you go for it in the end?

  3. I guess I was more sure than unsure, in the end. I don’t like being left out. 🙂 The setup process was more complicated than is usual for Apple, and there were some errors in the documentation, which is also not Apple-like. I’m about 90% finished doing all the stuff you have to do to get going, but it was too late Saturday night to continue, since I had to get up early for church. I will complete the process some time this week, and knock up a test app to try it out.

    I hope you get your activation code soon. It’s not cool that you’ve had to wait so long. 😦

  4. Hi Joey,

    Got the activation code in the end, took 33 hours in the end for it to appear. Which unfortuantly means it arrived earler today when the kids where about so I didn’t get to really play with it.

    Now I’ve gone through and done all the steps that means I can deploy to the iPhone and play. Only managed to stick on the CrashLanding sample so far but that was cool.

    It was a surprisingly awkward process considering but hopefully they can find time now to fix there docs and update the photo’s 🙂

  5. “…surprisingly awkward process…” Indeed, I felt the same way. I was really surprised at how manual the process was, and the fact that the docs hadn’t been updated since the SDK went GA.

    I haven’t gotten to the point where I loaded any local apps onto the phone, but I will hopefully have time to do that tonight.

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