When General Motors Was Dreaming

The New York Times has a slideshow today of gorgeous old cars called When General Motors Was Dreaming. Some of the cars were just prototypes, but some were production. And all of them had beautiful angles and style. Most cars on the road today are almost identical to every other car. My friend Fred says they all look like “melted Hershey bars” which is just about true.

I still have this dream that one day I’ll buy a car from the 50’s. That was the true golden age of American automobiles.

2 thoughts on “When General Motors Was Dreaming

  1. My all time favorite car is the 1955 Chevy BelAire…..Daddy bought one brand new I am pretty sure that was their first new car, it was “casmere blue and ivory white”, his brother, Buster bought the same car a little before Daddy bought his. Buster’s was yellow and white. Everytime time I see that car no my heart skips a beat.

  2. I think GM may have lost some of their Mojo. I’m still annoyed that they had the best all-electric car design out there — yet, no one had the guts or vision to sell the damned thing. Here we are, five years after they chopped those EV1’s up, and the market would just devor this product.

    I’m also looking at maybe buying a used Saturn SC1. GM really started something with Saturn — it really was “a different kind of car company.” I owned a 1994 Saturn SL1 for 9 years, and I really loved that car. The S-series really was a home-run shot. Simple, solid, basic cars with a good ride, great economy, and easy to manufacture. Of course, when they discontinued them in 2002, gas was really cheap…. Even so, this 1995 Saturn SC1 with a 5-speed manual transmission is capable of over 40 mpg on the highway. They just don’t build them like that any more.

    Saturn now sells platform cars that are basically designed by other divisions. Bummer.

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