I’m Loving Grammar Girl

I may be a bit late in discovering her podcast, but last week I found out about Grammar Girl, and it’s been love ever since. For those of you who are later to the game than I, Grammar Girl is a semi-weekly podcast about English grammar. I am a self-styled Grammar Nazi, so when I found out about her podcast, I knew I had to listen. Over the course of two days this week, I listened to around 30 episodes. Each is around 5 minutes long, so you can listen to several of them during a normal commute. Her topics ranged from the correct use of hyphens, to when to use “who” and “whom,” and on to “You and I” vs. “You and Me,” plus many other topics. This stuff is fascinating, but more than that, it’s useful. She explains what the correct usage is, and then usually goes on to explain why it’s correct, which is why I think I like it so much. If you like learning things, you should definitely check her out.