My Google Apps Migration Is Complete

I mentioned [cref i-just-switched-to-google-apps-for-my-domain the other day] that I’d switched over to Google Apps, and had initiated a POP3 transfer of all my mail from my previous Gmail account to the new one. I’m happy to report that it finally finished. I started it POPing on Tuesday evening, 09/16/2008, and it finished some time this morning. It was pulling mail every twenty minutes or so for ten days. In case you’re interested, it pulled just under 30,000 emails over, which was just under 1 GB in size.

As I said the other day, I’d be happy to pay Google for a quick and easy migration tool. But, at least it finally finished.

4 thoughts on “My Google Apps Migration Is Complete

  1. Hi Joey, do you mean you have migrated your emails (from your computer) to your new google mailbox ? Was it automated ? Any problem (attached files…) Thanks, Philippe

  2. I migrated from an existing Gmail account to a Google Apps. It was automated in that I just told it to start POPing the email from the old account and it just did it, but it took a very long time to finish.

  3. I just migrated from Gmail to Google Apps using YippieMove. It’s not free, but pretty close ($9.95). Also, in contrast to using the POP3-approach, it keeps all the flags (read, replied etc.), which was a major factor for me.

  4. Viktor, I’ve never heard of YippieMove before, but I will definitely keep it in mind if I ever have to move another large account. I have a friend that is considering migrating to Google Apps, so I’ll certainly tell him about it.

    Maybe Google should buy YippieMove and offer it as a premium service.

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