Greek and Spanish Simultaneously: Is It Possible?

Around April in 2006, I started learning Greek, because I wanted to be able to read the source materials of the New Testament (notice I didn’t say the “original” Greek). I worked on this pretty steadily until late 2007. At that point, I put Greek on hold in order to study Spanish with my son. I have continued to take my Greek bibles to church, but my skills have already begun to fade. I’m having to look up way too many things as I read, which makes it less than fun.

So, I need to go back and refresh the Greek, but I don’t want to abandon the Spanish. I’ve made really good progress in Spanish, and I’d hate to lose that progress. What I’m wondering, then, is if it’s possible for me to study both Greek and Spanish, at the same time? I think I can do it. I already spend around an hour at my computer every morning before I start work, so I could easily replace part of that time with Greek practice. I could then work on my Spanish in the afternoon, and in the car (I’m a subscriber to Coffee Break Spanish). Has anyone else attempted to learn two languages at the same time? Do seminary students learn Greek and Hebrew at the same time, or do they learn them sequentially?

I’m going to give it a go.

Wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “Greek and Spanish Simultaneously: Is It Possible?

  1. I is hasing a herd tyme wif da anglish dey wants us to talk all good and stuff.


  2. Heh, Danny. Funny. I started my dual-language-learning experiment on Monday, and it’s going well, so far. I’m finding that the Greek is coming back quickly, and I haven’t had any occurrences of confusing Greek for Spanish, or vice-versa. I think this is going to work. 🙂

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