I Found My .emacs File! w00t!

As I lamented yesterday, I had lost my .emacs file. I searched all my computers that I thought I’d ever run Emacs on, but couldn’t find it. Then a few minutes ago, I checked my iBook G4, knowing there was no chance of a copy being there, but checking just for completeness. But there was a copy there! O joy! My .emacs and I are reunited at last. What’s funny about this is that I honestly don’t remember ever running Emacs on this laptop, it being such a puny little machine. To safeguard against losing this file again, I have now copied it to every machine I ever use, even if that machine doesn’t have Emacs installed.

One thought on “I Found My .emacs File! w00t!

  1. I have my .emacs file (and all the related elisp files) on github. Not only nice for sharing, but also makes it easy to install on new machines.

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