Christmas Kindness At Red Robin

Tonight Thomas and I needed to get some victuals, so we decided to go to Red Robin. You may remember the last time we went there and were less than impressed. But Thomas wanted to go there and I was in the mood for a mess o’ fries, so I agreed.

After we were seated, our waiter came over wearing a Santa hat with “Bah Humbug” embroidered on the front. Thomas complimented him on it and he said that it actually belonged to his manager. We placed our drink orders and he left. He came back a few minutes later with the drinks, and told us that he was leaving for the night, and would be turning us over to someone else. I can’t remember her name. 

About ten minutes later, he came back over and put the Santa hat on Thomas’ head. He said that he had talked to his manager, and he said to give him the hat. It was quite a nice hat, actually. Anyway, Thomas thanked him and then asked who the manager was, so he could thank him, too. The manager, Kyle, came over and chatted with Thomas for about five minutes about topics including our plans for Christmas, his plans for Christmas, our new puppy, his dog called Leroy Brown (I asked if the dog was “bad, bad” and he smiled at my recognition of the reference), and the puppy he’s bought for his brother. Thomas thanked him for the hat again, and then he left.

I was really surprised at this gesture. Thomas didn’t compliment the hat in such a way that he was trying to get it; he just said that he liked it. It was very nice of both Kyle and the server to give it to him. We’ll definitely go back and eat there again. And Thomas has already told me he wants to ask if Kyle is in, so they can chat again.