Project 365: Days 1 – 7

I heard about Project 365 some time last year, but when it came back up after New Year’s Day, I decided to take a whack at it. The deal is that you’re supposed to take a picture, of anything, every day. Further, you can upload it somewhere, like Flickr, to share it with the world. I made it through the first five days, and then promptly fell off the wagon when the weekend came. 😦 I started back up again on Monday, so this will be more like Project 367 for me. And so, here are days one through seven for your viewing pleasure.

Project 365: Day 1 Project 365: Day 2
Project 365: Day 3 Project 365: Day 4
Project 365: Day 5 Project 365: Day 6
Project 365: Day 7

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