My Varied Musical Tastes

I use the application on my Mac to “scrobble” what songs I’m listening to. This allows me to keep a record of what’s been playing, but it mostly allows me to be a complete exhibitionist and show “the world” what sort of music I like. When I indicate that I “love” a song, that even shows up on my Friendfeed page, for added coverage.

This morning, I happened to be on my page and I noticed the graph below, showing my top 15 artists by the number of songs I’ve played by them.


Pretty interesting, eh? I’ve always had diverse musical tastes, but Frank is still the man. If you go to my page, the little arrow icon indicates that you can listen to some of that artist’s work. Shame on them for not having anything by Eilen Jewell!

2 thoughts on “My Varied Musical Tastes

  1. Hey Joey,
    I don’t understand why it is a surprise for you?
    Frank Sinatra is the man!

    I can hear all of his cds form beginning to end

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