Prog Rock Yodel Solo‽

I saw this video linked from this Cracked article about lame “progressive rock,” and I just had to share it. The article is funny as heck, even though I love Rush, who are considered a progrock band. Anyway they linked to this video, which is pretty silly. Actually, musically, it’s quite good; It’s just the yodel solo and flute solo and the wild eyes of the yodeler/flautist that make it goofy.

3 thoughts on “Prog Rock Yodel Solo‽

  1. You know, this is probably one of the signature rock instrumentals of all time. Nothing silly about it.

    I would not have called this “progressive” rock, I would save that for Genesis, Pink Floyd and the like. This is closer to Jazz/Rock fusion.

  2. I’m going to agree with Bill on this one. This song is tough as hell. But regardless of what you think about the song, I can almost guarantee that these guys were a freaking blast to hang out with.

  3. What’s funny is that the song really grew on me. It’s kind of silly, but the musicians are all clearly talented. The fact remains, though, that a yodel solo in a song is a rarity. 🙂

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