Google Chrome Sync Not Working? Try This

I use Google Chrome exclusively as my browser on both Mac and Windows, and I pretty much love everything about it. One of the things I love most about it is the ability to sync most of your settings between machines. This includes bookmarks, apps, themes, passwords, etc.

But the last three times I’ve done an install of Chrome on a machine (my friend’s loaned MacBook, my new MacBook Pro, and a Windows7 VM), when I entered my email address and password, I was told by Chrome that syncing was not available on my Google Apps account. Hmmmmm….

I don’t have an Google account, I have my own domain and a Google Apps account. While Google is trying to make Apps accounts and regular Gmail account identical, there are still some differences (like no profiles…). This can be frustrating, and I assumed that somehow my existing machines had been grandfathered in, but new ones were being excluded. (Also, both the Google Voice and GV Mobile+ apps on my iPhone failed to let me login, complaining about my email address or password being wrong.)

Then yesterday I noticed a comment on a forum (somewhere) suggesting a password mismatch between Google services might be to blame. I decided to give it a shot, so I went into my Google account settings and changed my password. Then I tried to enable sync on my MacBook Pro. BLAMMO! It worked. Then I enabled it on the Windows7 VM. Worked there, too. Then I tried to login using both the Google Voice and GV Mobile+ apps on my iPhone and both now allow me to login.

So, if you are having problems with a Google service or app, such as being told it’s not enabled for your apps account, or getting login failures, try changing your password.

6 thoughts on “Google Chrome Sync Not Working? Try This

  1. Thank you so much! I blamed Google for all broken service. But after changing password, all work again!!

  2. Thank you for the tip… couldn´t believe that something so simple would solve it… would have tried lot of things before this… that would obviously wouldn´t seem like an appropriate solution, thank you again!

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