Make a Copy of the OSX Lion Installer BEFORE You Run It!

If you’re planning on downloading OSX Lion from the Mac App Store and installing it on multiple Macs, heed my warning to make a copy of the .dmg file before you actually install it. I learned the hard way this morning that once the install is complete, it deletes the installer. That’s a 4GB file, by the way. And it’s not in the trash can; it’s completely gone. If you fail to make a copy of it, as I did, your only option, apparently, is to re-download it on your other Macs. Which is fine, unless you are a Comcast customer with a bandwidth cap and a draconian exceed-the-cap-twice-in-six-months-and-we-cut-you-off-completely plan. I accidentally exceeded the cap last month for the first time, so I’m extremely conscious about my usage now. I’m pissed that I need to re-download a 4GB file.

Steve, you have failed me. It is asinine to automatically delete a file so big without asking me. I understand that some people are short on disk space, and may not want that big file hanging around, but for those of us who have lots of space available, let us decide whether to delete it or not.