Tribble Mill Day Three

I rode my bike out at Tribble Mill Park again today. That makes three days in a row, each day going further than the last. Today I rode the paved double-track twice; once in each direction. Both directions seem to be about the same difficulty level, contrary to what someone told me yesterday. After the … Continue reading Tribble Mill Day Three

Tribble Mill Park

I said earlier today that I was going to take some pictures at Tribble Mill Park. Well, during a respite from the rain, I headed out for a ride and took the digicam with me. You can see the photos here. It is really beautiful out there. And I made it around the trail twice … Continue reading Tribble Mill Park

Still More Trails

I spent nearly two hours at Tribble Mill Park tonight exploring new trails. I had no idea how long I was out there, but it was a blast. These trails are becoming something of a Siren song: each time I’d think “OK. I’m going to head back now,” I’d see another trail and hear it … Continue reading Still More Trails

I Beat The Hill!

The hill at Tribble Mill Park that I mentioned here suffered a crushing defeat today as I surmounted its summit. It sounds impressive, but it really isn’t. Most riders probably wouldn’t flinch at this hill, but it whooped me the first time I tried it. Today I made it over the top with only a … Continue reading I Beat The Hill!

New Riding Trail

A friend yesterday told me about a local park with a really nice paved multi-use trail called Tribble Mill Park, which is about a 10 minute drive from my house. I went out there and discovered a really lovely trail that is right at 3 miles long. There are some hills, but no gut-splitters. I … Continue reading New Riding Trail