Holy Clogged Arteries, Batman!

I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I mean love. Love, as in, if they were alive, I’d marry them. Love, as in, if I were on a desert island and a plane flew overhead and accidentally dropped something, I’d wish it to be a dozen or so Krispy Kremes. Thomas and I both refer to our local Krispy Kreme store as “Casa del Sugar Coma.”

I also love hamburgers. With cheese, preferably Swiss. Chili’s has a really good burger.

But never, ever, in my wildest, weirdest dreams, would I want to combine them. Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a cheeseburger. Ugh. But apparently the people at Google thought that was a good thing. I hope the plate they put those on has the phone number of a local cardiologist enscribed on it. Eaters of those things are going to need one.

Google Reader May Trump Bloglines For Me

I’ve been using Bloglines.com for feed reading for a few years now. I had tried Google Reader before, but I was quite happy with Bloglines, so I never switched. I’ve actually been using beta.bloglines.com, their beta site, ever since they made it public. But lately Bloglines has seemed really slow. Clicking on a feed resulted in a multiple second wait before the headlines showed up in the list. That may not sound like a long time, but it really is. And sometimes, clicking on a feed resulted in… nothing. The “working” indicator never went off and I never got headlines. Re-clicking the feed might work, but then the headlines had already been marked as read, so they didn’t show up without an extra click. Sometimes reloading the page was what was called for.

Another annoyance was that they kept rearranging the order of my feed folders. I am meticulous about organizing bookmarks and feeds; I have them categorized into folders, and those folders are in alphabetical order in the feed list. And Bloglines keeps moving them around, maybe once every two weeks, for no good reason. Very annoying, indeed.

So the other day I decided to give Google Reader another try. I exported all my subscriptions from Bloglines and imported them into Google Reader. Thus far, I’m quite happy. The response time is snappy and I like the fact that I can share things from my feeds into a public list which is available here and that can feed into my FriendFeed feed. I’m going to keep using Google Reader, and while I will check back in on Bloglines occasionally, it looks like I may have found a new feed reader.

Cuil Thinks I’m More Relevant Than Dr. Horrible

I was looking through my web stats this morning and I noticed that I had a link from cuil.com, the latest in a long string of supposed “Google Killers.” I clicked on the link, http://www.cuil.com/search?q=”dr horrible” and was quite surprised to get the results shown here

You probably can’t tell from the small version, so click on it for a larger version. Notice that on a search for “dr horrible,” instead of getting drhorrible.com, as you should, you get me. Twice, in fact; two different blog postings I wrote about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog. That’s right. According to cuil.com, I am the best match for “dr horrible.” WTF? There have been lots of sightings of bogus results from cuil, but I was really surprised to find one featuring me.

Since I was already at cuil.com, I decided to egosurf and see if they had fixed their results for my name. Nope. Searching for me at Google returns a mostly-correct set of results. There are two link in there about the former Playboy playmate who shares my name, but all the rest of the front page results are about me.

New Version of My Google Blosxom Plugin

I’ve finally gotten around to updating my Google plugin for Blosxom that’s been languishing for several months now. No longer must you use the cheesy ‘KW:’ style keywords; I now use the Meta plugin, so you can add a meta-google_keywords: line in your meta area and get the same effect. I’ve left the old style support in, so if you’ve been using it, you don’t have to go through and change all your stories to the new format.

Thus, the old style was:

and the new-and-improved style is:

meta-google_keywords: comment spam

One caveat: make certain that the meta plugin runs before this one or your google links will show up one story too late. That took a while to track down. I renamed my meta plugin to 00meta and now all is well.

Get it here and please let me know if you have problems with it.

My Blosxom 2.0 Google Plugin

I’m releasing a preview version of my Google plugin for Blosxom 2.0. We’ve all seen blog entries with a little “G” or “Google” that when clicked execute a search at Google for something related to the blog topic. I’ve seen those that strictly took the article title and used all those words in the query, but I wanted more control. So in my plugin I inspect the first line of the blog entry body, and if it starts with “KW:” (user-configurable) then the rest of that line is taken as keywords. These keywords are joined with “+” signs and tacked onto a configurable Google search query URL. For example, if the first line of the body (obviously after the title) looked like this:

 	KW: fox news channel 

then the resulting URL (assuming no config changes) would look like this


and would show up in the story as “| Google”.

The look of the link is also user-configurable. You can see from all of my entries that I use a pipe, then the word “Google” but you can use whatever you want. In order to get the link, just include $google::google in your story.html and that’s it.

There’s also a setting that will make the link open in a new window or not.

What license are people using for this type of stuff? I read through the Blosxom license but I couldn’t tell if it was one of the “well known” licenses or not. I think I lean towards LGPL, but the alphabet soup of licenses is somewhat hard to get through. Do I even need to license this?

This is a 0.1 release with very little in the way of docs other than this entry and the sparse comments in the code. Get it here

If you use this plugin, please let me know. If you have suggestions/comments/complaints send me an email.


Thanks to the rapid suggestions of Todd Larason I’ve made some changes to the plugin to make it better. Here’s what I did:

The new version is available here and the old version from here just in case I messed something up!

Again, please let me know of anything else!