Egregious Spelling Errors

Yesterday I received a packet in the mail from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online game. I am a charter member or something like that since I joined up really soon after it launched and I might have paid for some length of time. Anyway, so this packet comes with some neat maps and such, but also some glaring spelling errors in the first paragraph.

(Click the image for a larger version.)

I was shocked at those. Disney usually has much better quality control, so I’m really surprised this slipped out the door. For those of you scratching your heads about what’s wrong with the circled words, let me ‘splain. “You’re” is a contraction of “you” and “are”. The word they really wanted was “your.” And “adieu” is French for “goodbye.” The word they wanted was “ado,” as in “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Come on Disney people, you can do better than that.

Houston, We’re Not Getting Email

While cooking my breakfast this morning I turned on the NASA channel on TV to see what was going on with the Atlantis mission. There was a beautiful video shot of the open cargo bay with the Earth below; quite stunning. Then the chatter between Atlantis and Mission Control. I didn’t write it down, but one of Atlantis’ crew was saying something about mail not moving from the outgoing mail folder to the sent mail folder and just needing to wait for the next mail sync. Mission Control then said something about Atlantis having Outlook problems. Gack! They’re using Windows on the Shuttle?!? They’re doomed!!!

Seriously, based on all of my many years experience with Windows, I would really be uncomfortable knowing that Windows was on the shuttle doing anything other than letting the astronauts play games.

Latest Spam Emails

I just had to share two spam emails I received yesterday. I usually just delete crap like this, but these made me giggle. The first was from “tunde luren ” with the subject of “bible order.” Here it is:

We need you to help us with the bible below for our church crusade programe:

Bounded leather bibles 150pcs

send us the actual amount enclouse with the frieght charge to nigeria………….
church ministry
God bless

Yeah, I’ll be sure to send money for 150 “bibles” to Nigeria. I’ll get right on that. Is a personal check OK, or do you prefer cash? Maybe I could just send my VISA details. Surely a “church” is trustworthy, right?

The second one was from “Internal Revenue Service U.S.A ” with the subject of “Important Message From IRS.” Here’s the text:

After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $93.60. Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 6-9 days in order to process it.

A refund can be delayed for a variety of reasons. For example submitting invalid records or applying after the deadline.

To access your tax refund online, please click here

Internal Revenue Service

That “click here” was a link leading to an IP address-only website that is most certainly not part of the IRS. Here’s what whois said about the address:

# whois

OrgName: African Network Information Center
Address: 03B3 - 3rd Floor - Ebene Cyber Tower
Address: Cyber City
Address: Ebene
Address: Mauritius
City: Ebene
PostalCode: 0001
Country: MU

So unless the IRS has done some serious outsourcing to Mauritius, I think it’s safe to throw this email away. 🙂

What’s funny in all these African scam emails is how awful the spelling and grammar always are. You’d think that these African scammers would wise up and hire someone who speaks English to write their spam emails for them. Then they might trick more people. But who knows? They may be tricking enough people as it is, and so they don’t care about how stupid they look to the rest of us.

Two Words: Chuck Norris

I don’t know much about Mike Huckabee, but this campaign ad is hilarious.

My favorite line: “There’s no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard, only another fist.” I know it’s old, but it makes me laugh every time.