“Prize Notification” From “Microsoft”

I just checked my email and found this oh-so-exciting email from MICROSOFT EMAIL PROMOTIONS:


The MICROSOFT EMAIL PROMO TEAM is glad to announce that after a successful completion of the PROMO DRAWS on the 17th July 2008, your e-mail address,attached to winning numbers:(55) (73) (14) (41) (36) (29) won in the Tenth lottery category.

You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of £150,000,00(One Hundred and Fifty Thousand British Pounds Sterling) in cash credited to file REF NO:MSW-L/008-28793, BATCH NO:2008MJL-05, this is from a total prize money of £3,750,000 (Three Million,Seven hundred and Fifty Thousand British Pounds Sterling),shared among the Twenty five (25) international
winners in this category.

All participants were selected through our Microsoft computer ballot system drawn form 167,000 Names,as part of our International “E-MAIL” Promotion Program for our prominent MS-WORD users all over the world and for the continuous use of the internet. You are adviced to contact the claims processor with the details below via his e-mail address :

NAME:  Marvin Cunningham
EMAIL: mrmarvcunn@yahoo.com.hk
TEL:   +44 703 5902789


1.Full Name………………………………

In order to avoid unnecessary delay and complications,please remember to quote your reference and winning ticket number in all correspondence with  your claims officer.Your secret pin code is ML0757985.Be warned that cases of double claims and unwarranted abuse of this program  will be legally pursued.


There are so many spam dead giveaways in that email that I can hardly count them. There’s the all caps subject, the three different email addresses associated with the “prize,” the fact that the “prize” is to be awarded in pounds instead of dollars, the fact that the coordinator is using a Yahoo account from Hong Kong and the fact that there are numerous spelling errors that just scream “Nigerian scumbag.” I love that they have quotes around E-Mail, which makes me think of Dr. Evil saying “laser” from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. I also love the fact that the prize is given to those in “our prominent MS-WORD users all over the world and for the continuous use of the internet.” Riiiiight. I’m a “prominent” user of Word and the intertubes, so now I’m eligible. Suuuuure…

Yeah, I’ll be responding to this one.

Dr. Horrible, Act II

Act II of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog was release today, and it’s just as funny as Act I. Once again, the music is great and the story is getting very interesting. I was talking with a friend about it, and we both wish it were going to last longer than three episodes. Maybe if Joss makes enough money from people buying it from iTunes, as my friend and I both did, he’ll extend it. Maybe.

Not to spoil anything, but be sure to keep an eye on Moist during his scene with Dr. Horrible. It’s subtle, but funny.

I Just Watched Act I of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog!

I just finished watching Act I of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog and it’s hilarious. It’s a web-only musical, created by Joss Whedon, the creator of the bodacious show Firefly (and Buffy and Angel). It stars Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible and Nathan Fillion (Mal from Firefly) as Captain Hammer. Dr. Horrible is trying to get into the Evil League of Evil, and talk to the girl of his dreams, all the while being thwarted by the good yet goofy, Captain Hammer. 

Apparently you can stream each episode for free on the day it comes out until midnight (that’s what I heard) but after that, you have to get it from iTunes. I bought the “season pass” for $3.99, which gets me all three episodes as they are released. Go watch it.

Did I mention that it’s a musical. The songs are great and very funny.

Egregious Spelling Errors

Yesterday I received a packet in the mail from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online game. I am a charter member or something like that since I joined up really soon after it launched and I might have paid for some length of time. Anyway, so this packet comes with some neat maps and such, but also some glaring spelling errors in the first paragraph.

(Click the image for a larger version.)

I was shocked at those. Disney usually has much better quality control, so I’m really surprised this slipped out the door. For those of you scratching your heads about what’s wrong with the circled words, let me ‘splain. “You’re” is a contraction of “you” and “are”. The word they really wanted was “your.” And “adieu” is French for “goodbye.” The word they wanted was “ado,” as in “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Come on Disney people, you can do better than that.

Houston, We’re Not Getting Email

While cooking my breakfast this morning I turned on the NASA channel on TV to see what was going on with the Atlantis mission. There was a beautiful video shot of the open cargo bay with the Earth below; quite stunning. Then the chatter between Atlantis and Mission Control. I didn’t write it down, but one of Atlantis’ crew was saying something about mail not moving from the outgoing mail folder to the sent mail folder and just needing to wait for the next mail sync. Mission Control then said something about Atlantis having Outlook problems. Gack! They’re using Windows on the Shuttle?!? They’re doomed!!!

Seriously, based on all of my many years experience with Windows, I would really be uncomfortable knowing that Windows was on the shuttle doing anything other than letting the astronauts play games.