Expensive Bottled Water

From the latest Scientific American, an article about bottled water and how it is or isn’t different from ordinary tap water. Here’s a sample:

The most telling taste test was conducted by the Showtime television series Penn & Teller: Bullshit! The hosts began with a blind comparison in which 75 percent of New Yorkers preferred city tap to bottled waters. They then went to the Left Coast and set up a hidden camera at a trendy southern California restaurant that featured a water sommelier who dispensed elegant water menus to the patrons. All bottles were filled out of the same hose in the back of the restaurant; nevertheless, Angelenos were willing to plunk down nearly $7 a bottle for L’eau Du Robinet (French for “faucet water”), Agua de Culo (Spanish for “ass water”) and Amazone (“filtered through the Brazilian rain forest’s natural filtration system”), declaring them all to be far superior to tap water. There’s no accounting for taste.

I have to have filtered water, and ice cold at that, but I don’t really care about bottled water or the labels on the bottles. I can’t stand that Dasani water from Coca Cola. They add minerals to it and I get a distinctly metallic taste when I drink it. I don’t usually buy it, but if you want water at Disney World, that’s the only thing available.