Avast Mateys, Let’s All Talk Like Pirates!

Aye, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day and methinks a celebratory tankard of grog is in order. Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate’s Life for me! Arr, ye can just call me Cap’n Joey “I’ve Never Owned a Parrot” Gibson fer today, ye can. So raise yer glasses high and be sure to refer to your wife/girlfriend as your “buxom beauty” or, fer the really adventurous, “serving wench!” Aye, that’s more fun than pillaging a small island settlement, it is. Shiver me timbers and prepare to be boarded!

(Note: Yes, this was a pretty poor attempt. I’ve never really tried to talk like a Pirate before.)

One thought on “Avast Mateys, Let’s All Talk Like Pirates!

  1. Aye, tis comment is but 2 years afta ur first installment-me apologies, matie.
    u probably won’t evan read tis little comment, but im determand 2 find some1 who is as fond as pirates as i am!!
    u can call me Cap’n Dawn Sparrow. I sail from isle 2 isle, seeking a new life. But ive had2 stop here…….for a reason u are beta off not knowing bout. But ive had no swashbuckling fun since ive landed on this god- forsaken peice of land (tassie) and my intention is 2 sail away from here, pick up my crew in Western Aussie, and continue my life………
    but, 4 now, i av2 live with wot ive got. Pirates of the caribbean opened my eyes 2 wot pirating is really about (im younger than 14) so i think ill do some thingts here first… 😉
    ah well./ tis unlikly ull reply, or send me an email. so i may as well STOP>
    P*i*R*a*t*E O*u*T

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