Halloween Weekend Wrap-Up

First of all, I’d like to give a big F@#K YOU to the cretins who smashed our Jack-o-Lantern Friday night. We spent quite a bit of time Thursday night carving this thing and then to have some worthless little punk destroy it really stinks. Next year I’ll be sitting on the porch handing out candy while holding a baseball bat… This is why I generally hate Halloween.

On the bright side, Thomas had a great time Trick-Or-Treating. He went as the Red Power Ranger, Tammy was a pumpkin and I was a Viking. Did you know that big, furry guantlets really make your forearms sweat? Anyway, we walked around our neighborhood for a while, with Thomas filling his Power-Ranger-Head goody bag with tons of candy. We then drove over to our friends’ house where Thomas helped them pass out candy to kids coming over. I think he enjoyed giving out the candy as much as he did getting it.

So yesterday, after seeing the excellent film Brother Bear, Tom and I are out in the front yard throwing a little balsa wood glider and having a great time, when it happened. Thomas sat down in the grass and a few seconds later complained that the grass was itchy. He jumped up and ran to the front porch and started howling. I ran towards him and as I got closer I could see that his legs were covered in black ants! I dropped to my knees and started wiping the ants off of him. Once he was ant-free we went inside and started pulling his clothes off to make sure there were none inside; fortunately there weren’t any. He’s screaming his head off at this point, so we head upstairs and put him in a warm bath with some Aveeno to try to soothe his skin. After a while in the tub, with me (outside the tub) playing Pok