Bubba Ho-Tep

I won free passes to see Bubba Ho-Tep at my new favorite art house cinema last night. Three words: funny as hell. It’s the heart-warming story of an elderly Elvis Presley who not only didn’t die, but is living still at an old folks’ home in east Texas. There he meets ‘Jack’, played by Ossie Davis, who thinks he is John Kennedy (‘They dyed me this color!’). The residents of the home are being picked off one by one by an Egyptian soul-sucker and it’s up to Elvis and ‘The President’ to save everyone. The film stars Bruce Campbell as The King and he does a good job. It’s a very crude film in terms of dialog but man is it ever funny. The scene of Elvis in his white studded jump-suit gimping down the hall with a walker and ‘The President’ in a motorized wheelchair heading off to defeat the soul-sucker is extremely funny. If this film comes to your town, go see it!