Airport WiFi

How cool is this? I’m sitting at my departure gate at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and they have high speed WiFi deployed all over the place. You plug in your wireless card, connect to the local WayPort network and, to quote Emeril, BAM! You’re connected. The first time you try to browse to a website, you get hijacked to the WayPort site and are presented with the option of buying a connection. I was prepared to be told $15/hour or something else outlandish, but it’s only $6.95/day, which isn’t that bad. Especially when you’ve got over two hours to wait for your flight. And they don’t seem to have any restrictions on what you can do. I’m logged into AIM, MSN Messenger, Y! Messenger and IRC, I’ve used ssh to get to one of my machines, and I’ve checked and sent email, all with no problems. Very nice!