Today on #ruby-lang…

Today on the IRC channel #ruby-lang, after someone posted the URL to a piece of software that has this clause for its use

Please don’t use this program to make music that is against God and Jesus Christ (eg. HeavyMetal, NewAge,..etc..).

the following discussion ensued:

  [12:58]  if there's christian gangster rap, there has                    to be christian heavy metal  [12:58]  and it would not be opensource 5. No                    Discrimination Against Persons or Groups  [12:59]  curious that he singled out heavy metal and                    new age music as examples of "... against God and Jesus Christ".  [12:59]  I've heard some of that 'Christian Gangsta Rap'...                    I couldn't tell... (Of course I hate ALL rap...)  [12:59]  person2: i know examples of Christian heavy metal, but                    have never heard of Christian gangsta rap.  [12:59]  person2: i just heard of it because it is an mp3 tag genre  [12:59]  person2: there's some guy named T-Bone who is supposedly                    a Christian Snoop-Dogg.  [13:00]  person1: haha nice  [13:00]  joeyGibson: I am thinking of the common themes of                    gangsta rap and have trouble seeing how Mr. Bone  				  would reconcile them with my Christian beliefs ;)  [13:01]  maybe something like                    "bow down to jesus or I'll bust a cap in your ass"  [13:07]  person3: That's Great! I love that line! :-)  

Now that’s funny.