We’re Going to Disney World!

Our annual pilgrimage to Walt Disney World is rapidly approaching and I’m can hardly sit still waiting for it to arrive. At the sound of the beep, this is how much time I have left until we begin our drive to “The World”


Time until WDW: 10.50 days or 252.01 hours or 907,250 seconds

We’re actually doing something a bit different this year. We usually drive down the day before our reservations start and stay that one night “off property.” This year, our usual off property hotel was amazingly overpriced, and it worked out cheaper to stay at one of Disney’s “value” resorts. So our first three nights we’ll be staying at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort, but without park tickets. This is by design because the first day is consumed with the drive down from Atlanta, so park tickets on that day would be a total waste. The second day we are going to Sea World. Tammy and I used to go to Sea World every year, but this will be Thomas’ first trip. He’s going to love it. And our third day we are going to Universal Studios Orlando.

Day 4 begins our real Disney World trip. We will leave the ASM bright and early that day, drive over to our usual resort, Port Orleans Riverside (n