Walt Disney World 2006 – Day One

Well, we’re here again at Walt Disney World. I believe this is my 10th trip here. To save money this year we’re staying at a Disney Value Resort, which is nice, but not as nice as our usual resort.

We got here last night around 22:00 after a long drive. We were all tired and ready to hit the hay, but it took quite a while to get checked in. Actually, I think I waited in line for about 15 minutes, but it seemed like an hour because of the obnoxious couple behind me who were complaining the entire time. I really wanted to turn around and ask them to STFU, but I refrained…

So we get our room assignment and drive around to it. The room is located about 20 yards from the parking lot, which is nice. As we approach the door of the room, we hear some cretinous teen-agers on the 2nd floor shouting something about “piss in your shoe, dood!” My wife yells up at them to watch their language, receiving cold silence in return. We make a few trips to unload the car and once done, we decide to walk around the resort for a few minutes before turning in. We exit the room, and immediately hear those same teen-aged jerks upstairs, only this time it’s “the ‘F’ word” that we’re treated to. Needless to say, I don’t want/need my 7 year old hearing that, so we step out from under the overhang and confront them. Some jerk with his baseball hat turned to the side (which causes an instant loss of 23 IQ points, BTW) starts handing out attitude about how it wasn’t him, blah blah blah. After arguing with him for a minute or so, I demanded to see his chaperon. He allegedly tried to find him, but to no avail. Another teen with the same group apologized for what happened and was able to quickly locate the chaperon. Idiot-Baseball-hat-boy is in tow, moaning about how “this guy says I cursed when I didn’t.” The chaperon was much nicer. He gave us his name and room number and told us if we had any further trouble from any of his guys to let him know. That’s service; I like that. While they did make some noise that kept waking me up, we had no further trouble. And… Praise the Lord!… they left this morning. Our vacation is saved.

Today we went to Sea World and had a great time. I have posted photos of today’s fun at this Flickr set and will be posting each day’s photos to separate photo sets located at my main Flickr page. Anyway, we did the backstage “Arctic Tour” that let us touch a penguin and we did all the usual Sea World stuff. We were very disappointed with the newest Shamu show, “Believe.” I knew we were in trouble when they introduced it by saying “it’s the story of a boy…” I thought it was about a whale… The old show was much better, when it really was about a whale. We learned on the Arctic tour that killer whales are not, in fact, whales at all. They are members of the dolphin family. How about that, eh? We also bought two soprano ukuleles…

Tomorrow we are headed for the Disney-MGM Studios. Photos to come tomorrow night.