Letterman on Clinton’s Heart Surgery

While my dislike of Bill Clinton is no secret, I certainly don’t wish him ill health. In fact, I hope he recovers from his heart surgery and gets back to his life.

Having said that, Letterman’s Top 10 list from March 14 was hilarious. I didn’t see the show, and the list hasn’t been posted to the website yet, but here it is, courtesy of the MRC:

"Top Ten Things Overheard During Bill Clinton's Hospital Stay."

10. "A nurse is coming! Put him in the restraints."
9. "Strange -- his veins have no blood. It's just Crisco."
8. "Canseco's here with something that'll make you feel amazing."
7. "Five more heart surgeries and you'll tie Cheney!"
6. "When I told him no sex for a month, he pulled a scalpel on me."
5. "My, what a lovely bouquet from Osama."
4. "For some reason, he always forgets the surgical gown opens in the back."
3. "We removed the scar tissue from the heart, as well as several impacted french fries."
2. "Al Gore! When did you start working as an orderly?"
1. "Hillary wants to know if you would neuter him?"