Streaming MP3 Files With Edna

I discovered ApacheMP3 the other day, and since I’ve been wanting to be able to stream my music collection inside my house, I decided to give it a go. So now I’ve been fighting with ApacheMP3, and mod_perl and the various other pieces of software that were needed, for a few days now. It’s been a fight because my Apache server happens to live on Windows. I’ve been happily using Apache 1.3x for some time now but when I discovered ApacheMP3, I decided to upgrade to Apache2, which no longer had the stability warnings for Windows. That part of the upgrade went well. It was trying to get mod_perl installed and working that I hit problems. And the Ogg support. I tried building these against Apache2 and after failing several times with that, tried again with Apache1. I installed the ActiveState-compiled mod_perl, but still got errors. It’s too long a tale to go into here. Suffice to say that I downgraded to what I originally had and just said “screw it, I just won’t stream my MP3’s.”

So, just as I was prepared to give up, I did one more Google and discovered Edna. I had it installed, configured and running inside of 10 minutes. And that was as a Windows service! I can now stream my music anywhere in the house effortlessly. I specifically wanted to be able to access the music from my laptop, and now I can. The only wrinkle is that it seems to only support MP3 and Ogg, but I also have files in SHN, FLAC and Monkey formats. I haven’t actually investigated yet, so there may be installable support for those formats as well.

I’m very happy.

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