GTK+ Eating Ctrl-Shift…

I’ve been using Eclipse for a long time now, but almost exclusively on Windows. I’m now using it on a SuSE Linux box quite a bit, and I’m using the GTK+ version instead of the Motif version. While the thing works nicely, some of the key bindings are different from those on Windows, so I decided to change them. The first was changing Source>Format from the horrible Esc Ctrl-F back to Ctrl-Shift-F. Imagine my surprise when I could not map it to Ctrl-Shift-F as it is on Windows. As it turns out, it’s not Eclipse’s fault (though that key editor is pretty bad). No, the fault lies with the GTK toolkit which eats Ctrl-Shift-x sequences, because it assumes you are wanting to enter special Unicode characters. That’s fine and good, but it should be configurable, and from everything that I’ve read, it isn’t.

Does anyone know how to tell GTK to stop eating Ctrl-Shift sequences, or am I stuck with this?

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  1. Not quite sure what the problem is. I am on Gentoo Linux, Gnome desktop, with the GTK+ version of Eclipse. I have no problems with CTRL-Shift being swallowed. I just tested it to be sure. Several of the default shortcuts, such as Add Import, are mapped to CTRL-Shift-x combinations, and they work fine here.
    I am running a very recently updated system, with Gnome 2.10 and gtk+ 2.6.7. Perhaps this is a bug that has been fixed recently.

  2. Mh – I am on Gentoo Linux, KDE desktop and using Eclipse with GTK+. For me CTRL-Shift-F is allways the default setting – out of the box.

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