Now This is Good Customer Service!

Last Thursday was my 15th anniversary, and in commemoration of that date, I decided to get my lovely wife some flowers and have them delivered. I ended up going with and got the Three Dozen Assorted Petite Roses. I payed for shipping plus an extra charge (about $4) for “guaranteed morning delivery.” The price was good, overall.

The day of delivery came and the morning went and still no flowers. They finally showed up via FedEx around 1:30 PM, which is definitely not morning delivery. So I sent an email to ProFlowers customer support telling them what happened and asking for a refund of the $4 that was supposed to guarantee morning delivery. I got a response back later that day. They didn’t just refund the $4, they refunded the entire shipping charge, which was a decent chunk of the total price. I was happy, and I will definitely use them again in the future. It’s customer service like this that keeps customers coming back.

And by the way, the flowers were beautiful and have lasted the 7 days they said they will, and I believe they will last several more.

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