Exploding Soda

A few days ago I went by the grocery store. One of the things I picked up were some 12-packs of soda. I had three 12-packs in my cart when I went to check-out, and the clerk said that they had a special running: 4 12-packs for $10, and you got three 2-liters for free. It made sense for me to go get some more soda, so I did.

When I got home, I was able to get everything except two of the 12-packs in one trip, with the intention of coming back out for the other two. But something happened, and I never made it back out. The 2 12-packs in question were in the back floorboard, out of direct sunlight, so I didn’t see a problem.

The next day, Thomas and I were going somewhere. I opened his door for him, and noticed that the 2 12-packs were obstructing his leg-room. I moved one of the 12-packs to the back seat, behind the passenger seat, and off we went.

On Friday morning, I needed to run an errand. I went out to my car, got in and started it up. I noticed a strange smell, but couldn’t quite place it. I then turned around and saw a 12-pack of Pepsi One on the back seat. Actually, I should say I noticed the remnants of a 12-pack of Pepsi One on the back seat. Remnants, because the whole bloody thing had exploded all over the inside of my car. It was then that I noticed the brown spots all over the car: the ceiling, the sunroof, the back window, the side windows, the windshield, the back seat, the backs of the front seats. Yes, pretty much everywhere that could have gotten splattered did.

I got out, went back in the house and got Thomas to come out and see the carnage. He was amused. I have to say, I was, too. I just couldn’t help but laugh at this absurd occurrence. I got the remnants out, and as I gently dropped it down onto the driveway, another can exploded. It missed me, but barely. There were three others that looked like they were near the bursting point, so I carefully knocked the side of each one against the edge of the driveway to puncture it in a “controlled” fashion.

So, of a 12-pack, 8 exploded in the car, one on its own, and three via “controlled detonation.”

The lesson to be learned: if you live in the South, don’t leave sodas in your car on hot Summer days.