Third Time’s The Charm on Mac RAM — I Hope

Being at the end of a UPS route is hard. Tuesday morning I saw from the UPS website that my third set of RAM from Crucial was “out for delivery” from the local hub. What this means is that it’s on a truck, heading for my house. Unfortunately, we’re at the tail-end of said route, and I have yet to receive a UPS delivery before 4:00 PM. We were going to be leaving around 5:00 and since UPS is a “drop and run” courier, if it got there after we left, it would have been sitting on the porch for several hours until we got home. Fortunately, it arrived about 4:45. So it got inside the house, but wouldn’t get inside the Mac until later.

When I got home Tuesday night, I installed the RAM. So far, it’s working perfectly. Of course, the first set worked perfectly for a week or so, so I’ll have to just keep an eye on it. Thus, once again, my Activity Monitor looks like this