The First Rule

Last night was bowling night. (164, 174, 129, in case you were wondering.) Thomas (my 9 year-old) goes with us and hangs out with us or in the arcade. Last night, his best friend went too, because his best friend’s mother was also bowling. So there we were at the bowling alley, having a good time.

Shortly before we were going to head home, Thomas and his best friend were running around (politely) and pretending to have some sort of ninja battle or Power Ranger fight or some other struggle against the powers of evil that kids do. The following dialog then ensued:

Me: Hey guys… this isn’t Fight Club, you know?
Thomas: The first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club!

I laughed my head off.

And no, he hasn’t seen Fight Club. We were watching some kids show recently, some cartoon, and there was a bit of dialog something like “… the first rule of Fluffy Bunny Club is you don’t talk about Fluffy Bunny Club…” or something like that. I immediately cracked up, and so I had to explain to him why that was funny. I told him about that one scene in Fight Club and he obviously remembered it very well. Too well. I’m sure the other adults who were nearby now think I let him watch inappropriate films…