Moved From Blosxom to WordPress

switched my blog from to Blosxom way back in December 2002. On the whole, Blosxom has served me well, but certain things just didn’t work with it, or worked, but with lots of effort. For example, while I have been able to use MarsEdit on OSX with smashing success, none of the Windows-based blog editors that I’ve tried would talk to it. Or they would partially talk, but not completely. Either way, it just wasn’t working out.

Which brings me to today. After evaluating several choices, I decided to go with WordPress which is what you’re seeing now. I plan on making it look as close to the old version as possible, but it may take a while to grok all the PHP stuff and make those changes. At any rate, I got all my old blog postings moved from Blosxom into WordPress with only moderate pain and they are all online now. The only downside is that permalinks are not the same, but I am keeping an eye on that and have a plugin that can do redirects when I find one that needs fixing.

So, if you’re looking for something that should be there, but doesn’t seem to be, let me know.

Also, does anyone know if it’s possible to import comments from HaloScan into WordPress?