Cuil Thinks I’m More Relevant Than Dr. Horrible

I was looking through my web stats this morning and I noticed that I had a link from, the latest in a long string of supposed “Google Killers.” I clicked on the link,”dr horrible” and was quite surprised to get the results shown here

You probably can’t tell from the small version, so click on it for a larger version. Notice that on a search for “dr horrible,” instead of getting, as you should, you get me. Twice, in fact; two different blog postings I wrote about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog. That’s right. According to, I am the best match for “dr horrible.” WTF? There have been lots of sightings of bogus results from cuil, but I was really surprised to find one featuring me.

Since I was already at, I decided to egosurf and see if they had fixed their results for my name. Nope. Searching for me at Google returns a mostly-correct set of results. There are two link in there about the former Playboy playmate who shares my name, but all the rest of the front page results are about me.

4 thoughts on “Cuil Thinks I’m More Relevant Than Dr. Horrible

  1. Your response to Cuil seems to portraying it much the same way that almost all the different blogs I have read have been, which means that there is definitely something wrong with this new search engine.

    It’s hard to imagine Cuil doing anything but incremental changes to what Google’s done. And even that would take years of effort. has taken a different tack. We have a full web index, but we change the results based on the surfing activity of our user base (now over 2,000,000). It’s in alpha, but I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

  2. Chris, I looked at briefly after you suggested it. I don’t like having to install toolbars, and in fact I can’t install yours since I use Safari. I know the problem there is not yours, but Apple’s, but it is a problem. I did like the fact that searching for myself yielded correct results. 🙂 I think your domain name is going to be a problem. Names like yours are cute, but hard to tell people about. And the fact that there’s a squatter on is going to be especially bad.

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