Neko Case And Anti- Records Give To Charity

I don’t usually believe it when I see emails or blog postings saying that for everyone who posts/forwards this email/blog posting that Company X will donate $Y to Charity Z.

But this one is for real.

The lovely Neko Case, and Anti- records are giving $5 to Best Friends Animal Society every time someone posts her new song on their blog. I loves me some Neko Case, so here it is. And if you have a blog, follow these directions to post it yourself. I like the song, BTW.

03/06/2009 Update: The player plugin was popping up errors on some browsers, so I removed it. If you want to hear the song, use one of the links above, or go buy the album. It’s great.

One thought on “Neko Case And Anti- Records Give To Charity

  1. Look for the Neko Case duet with Dex Romweber on the song “Still Around” on the new Dex Romweber Duo CD “Ruins of Berlin.” Available now on Bloodshot Records.

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