Huzzah! MiddleClickClose Working In Safari 4!

08/31/2009 Update: For Snow Leopard compatibility, see here.

08/13/2009 Update: It should now work with all future versions of Safari without having to update it again. Read about the change here.

06/09/2009 Update: Apple released the production version of Safari 4 yesterday at WWDC. I have just updated the plugin distribution, so if you download it now, it should work. If you already have it installed, follow the directions below for changing the version number to 5530.17 and your old installation should work. If you don’t yet have it installed, follow the directions here.

Thanks to Sylvain Frébourg, MiddleClickClose is now working with Safari 4. The fix is quite simple: change the MaxBundleVersion in the Info.plist file from what it was, to 5528.16. I know that I tried that, because I could see warnings about an incorrect version whilst watching Safari start up on the console. I must have changed something else at the same time and not realized it, because no matter what I set the version to, it wouldn’t load. Anyway, I reverted my SIMBL install and my SIMBL plugin directory from back in January using Time Machine, made the version number change, and now it works. It helps to be methodical, and I was not.

So, there are two ways you can go about getting it working for you. You can edit ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/MiddleClickClose.bundle/Contents/Info.plist, changing 5525.13 to 5528.16 5530.17, or you can download a new zip file and re-install. Either way should work.

If only Apple would build this functionality into Safari itself…

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    • Sorry about that. I thought the source bundle was complete. I guess that shows how many time people have tried to build it themselves, eh? Anyway, I have rebuild the zip files, and the source archive now contains MiddleClickClose_Prefix.pch. I expanded the new zip in a tmp directory and was able to build it, so you now have everything you need.

  4. Thanks a lot! It works well in Safari 4, IF one reads your other articles, where one finds the information to install SIMBL first. So guys: Please install the SIMBL tool first and then setup the middle-mouse-hack. 😉

  5. Thanks a lot, it really work perfectly ! May I share your article on my blog? I sure a lot of Apple fans will want to know this great tip!
    Again, thank you so much~

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