MiddleClickClose for Safari 4.0.1

A day or so ago Apple released Safari 4.0.1 and bumped the version number in the process. Safari 4.0 was 5530.17, while Safari 4.0.1 is 5530.18. After installing the update, MiddleClickClose was still loading, even with the minor version mismatch. I don’t know if Safari only looks at the first part of the number when specified in an Info.plist for MaxBundleVersion, but just to be on the safe side, I bumped it to 5530.18 and have re-released it. If it’s working fine for you, don’t bother getting this version. That’s the only change I made.

2 thoughts on “MiddleClickClose for Safari 4.0.1

  1. This plugin is great, especially for a firefox convert like myself who is used to closing tabs with middle click. I don’t know why Safari just doesn’t have this built in.. middle click already will open links and bookmarks in new tabs, so why not close them too?

    Anyway, Safari 4.0.3 refuses to load it. I modified the info.plist MaxBundleVersion to match the 5531.9 build number and it works again.

    I haven’t tried it, but is MaxBundleVersion required? I have another plugin, SafariSingleWindow that doesn’t specify it in its info.plist.

    • That stupid MaxBundleVersion really gets on my nerves. I had thought about just dropping it, but I thought it was required. I will try it in the morning without it and see if it works. Removing it would certainly save me some hassles later on.

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