O Sears, You Disappoint Me

I just got a cold call from Sears saying that the warranty on my refrigerator is about to expire, and asking me if I wanted to extend it for three more years. I listened to all the things this warranty covers, even though we haven’t had to use the warranty we already had. Then the price: $227.98 for three more years.

I would never make a decision about that much money on the spot, nor would I give out my credit card information to someone who calls out of the blue, claiming to be Sears. So I asked for a number I could call back, once I’ve considered the matter. She got a little cagey, but she gave me the number for customer service. Then she slipped this in, “But I can’t guarantee the price.”

I inquired as to what she meant, and she said, “Well, this is a discounted price, and I can’t guarantee that they will give you the same price.” Ah. I see. It’s the old, “Act now, or we’ll never offer you this price again!” tactic that so many sleazy companies use. My grandfather worked for Sears for 25 years, retiring in 1976. He would be appalled at this. I have to say, it’s very disappointing.