First Rejection of My iPhone App :-(

I submitted my first iPhone app, called GV Places, to the Apple App Store on Monday, May 23. On Friday, May 27, around 9:00 in the morning, it entered the review process. About ten hours later I received the first rejection notice. The reason? I didn’t provide them a demo account to use for testing. I didn’t provide one, because of what my app does.

My app works with Google Voice, so you need a Google Voice account to use it. That’s not something I can just create willy-nilly and provide them for testing. Yes, I could create another account, but to really use it, you have to assign some phones to it, and to do that, Google Voice calls them to verify that they are yours. So I would need to use my own phone lines to set it up. I don’t think I should have to do that. I assumed that the tester would have his own Google Voice account to test with. Just like I would assume that if they test a Facebook app, they use their own Facebook accounts. I said as much in my response to them. I suppose we’ll see what they say.

It was sort of amusing that in the rejection email it said they weren’t able to test “all of the features” without a demo account. That’s funny because you can test any of the features without a Google Voice account.