MiddleClickClose Will Work With Snow Leopard But…

12/02/2009 Update: MiddleClickClose has been updated for 64-bit Safari. More info here.

I have upgraded my Mac to Snow Leopard, and as soon as I loaded Safari, I could see that MiddleClickClose was no longer working. I had already heard from someone that this was so, and I had expected it, so this was no surprise. It is possible to get it working again by right-clicking (or whatever the native OSX clicks are to get the context menu) on the Safari program in /Applications, selecting Get Info, and then checking the “Open in 32-bit mode” checkbox. Once you do that, SIMBL and MiddleClickClose both load, and the plugin works. But you’re in 32-bit mode.

MiddleClickClose is totally dependent on SIMBL. If SIMBL won’t load, neither will MiddleClickClose. The solution is, most likely, to get a 64-bit build of SIMBL, but I don’t know if that’s a simple matter or not. The SIMBL developer has said that he only has a PPC machine running Tiger, so I don’t really see how he’s going to get it running. If he does, then maybe there is hope. If not, your only option is to run Safari in 32-bit mode.

Or use Firefox, which is what I do.

16 thoughts on “MiddleClickClose Will Work With Snow Leopard But…

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  2. So far Safari and Mail is where I have seen the most Snow Leopard incapabilities. I REALLY miss my WideMail plugin! I also noticed they have tightened permissions, I had several Applescripts I wrote that now require my password every time to run.

  3. The SIMBL developer released a 64Bit Version of SIMBL, so any chance of a 64Bit MiddleClickClose SIMBL plugin^^?

    • I just got the updated SIMBL and tried to build a 64-bit version of MCC. I got 48 compilation errors and a bucket-full of warnings. It looks like quite a few things have changed under the covers. At a minimum, I’m going to have to generate a new safari.h from the latest Safari, and then try to figure out the replacements for all the deprecated stuff in ObjC that is breaking the MethodSwizzle library I’m using. I don’t think I’ll have time to look at it before next weekend.

  4. Joey, i just wanted to tell you that you’re a champion. thanks mate from sydney australia. oh wow while writing this comment i read ur “About Me” section.. koine greek huh? Have u managed to read the NT in greek yet? What do u reckon? -Marty

    • Unfortunately, it’s not good. I spent some time a few weekends ago trying to get it going, but I failed. I was able to get everything to compile, but at runtime, it couldn’t seem to find the TabButton objects inside Safari. I may take another whack at it, but if I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath. I don’t actually use this plugin anymore; I switched to Firefox quite some time ago.

  5. Ok, thanks for reply. But i’m sure you can’t retire so early 🙂 it’s a challenge now 🙂

    • I tried, but didn’t get it going. A guy contacted me the other day who wants to take a whack at getting it working. He’s got the source code and is working on it. I’ll post here when/if he gets it going. Since I don’t use it any more (and haven’t for about a year), I’m not going to put any more work into it. Sorry.

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